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Drayton 2020 Neighbourhood Plan – Jan/Feb 2018 Update

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Walnut Meadow Sports Facilities – Business Case

The Business Case for the walnut Meadow Sports Facilities was approved at the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 6th November 2017 and it can be found Here

Sport for All – Public Meeting on Sunday 15th October 2017

Sport for All – Power Point Presentation

Sport for All – Handout

Sport for All Analysis – Graphs

Sport for All Analysis – Tables

Sport for All – Workshop feedback notes

Drayton2020 Neighbourhood Plan Update – Jan/Feb 2018

  • Sports Pitches and Pavilion. The application for planning permission for the Pavilion, car park and multi-use sports area (MUGA) has now been approved by VWHDC see here for the site plan and building plan and elevations. The MUGA will have provision for tennis, netball, basketball, 5 a side football and ball target sports, and will be floodlit to provide for winter ball practice. Details of the plans were published in the March 2017 Drayton Chronicle. Approval has already been secured for three football pitches (one adult size and two junior) and a cricket square. A children’s playground will be provided by the developers and managed by the Parish Council
  • Footpaths.  A new path around the Millennium Green was created in summer 2017 and the paths leading onto the Green were widened, improved and made accessible for the disabled. Work will continue to improve other footpaths at the centre of the village network, and the wider bridleways and cycle routes, as developers’ monies become available
  • Village Hall. Discussions have now started about the plans for the village hall refurbishment
  • School/Pre-School. The school’s extra new classroom is now built and open. The Pre-School is planned to be re-built and re-located on the school site in 2018-19-20
  • Barrow Road/Walnut Meadow (73 houses) – All the  houses on the site are now occupied  and the developer expects to have completed the site by late summer 2018
  • South of High Street Site (140 houses). Work on site has now started with earth moving to establish the estate roads. The site office is now open and the show houses are now open.
  • Manor Farm (57 houses).  Construction started in August 2017 with the construction of the site entrance, clearing and levelling of the site. Archaeological investigations on the site are now complete
  • Halls Close. The developers – Blue Cedar – have now submitted their detailed planning application to VWHDC. They already have outline planning permission for up to 28 houses on the site, with road access via Halls Close. Their latest plans suggest that they will build 22 houses
  • East Way. VWHDC have approved a planning application for 8 more houses with access via East Way. A second planning application for two further houses has been rejected VWHDC. The developers have recently submitted detailed plans to VWHDC on how they propose to improve the East Way road access. They have undertaken to re-surface the roadway and maintain it for 10 years thereafter. Work on constructing the 8 house is now underway
  • Traffic Calming. OCC Highways are currently drawing up a technical specification for a traffic calming scheme throughout Drayton

New Sports Facilities & Recreation Plan – Survey Results

The Oxford Playing Fields Association (OPFA) report, including the Drayton Sports Needs Questionnaire Results (Summer 2016) can be found here: drayton-sports-needs-analysis-report


Under the Drayton 2020 Neighbourhood Plan a major revamp of the sports and leisure facilities in Drayton is being planned including:

  •  A new sports pavilion and sports pitches at Barrow Road (now called Walnut Meadow)
  •  A refurbishment of the Drayton Hall at Lockway
  • Additional facilities outside Drayton Hall (such as a skate park/BMX track)
  • New children’s play areas at Barrow Road and South of High Street
  • A new Village Green on the Manor Farm site (opposite the entrance to Hilliat Fields)
  • Improved footpaths and cycle paths
  • A walking/activity trail South of High Street

Some of these facilities are being provided by developers. Others have a financial contribution or land from developers, but the Drayton Community will need to raise money by grants, loans and local fundraising to pay for improved leisure facilities.

Referendum Result – 12th March 2015

Yes – 634 votes (90.8%)

No- 64 votes (9.2%)

Spoilt Papers – 2

Turnout:   33.5%

596 people polled on the day, 104 postal & proxy votes.

Total 700 votes (2 were spoiled – 698 valid votes)

Examiner’s Report and the Referendum

The Drayton2020 NDP  passed its Examination and was allowed to proceed to a public Referendum, held on Thursday 12th March 2015 (in Drayton Village Hall, 7am to 10pm). The Drayton Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Copy, the Examiner’s Report, and the VWHDC’s Decision Notice based on her recommendations, are now all available on the VWHDC website.

The Examiner made a number of detailed recommendations for revising some wording and policies in the NDP, and these are listed in her Report and the VWHDC Decision Notice. The NDP was revised and the Referendum Copy incorporating these revisions was  published prior to the Referendum (see link above to VWHDC website).

Developers’ Exhibition

A Public Exhibition of Drayton2020 policies and Developers’ Outline Plans for 3 housing sites in Drayton was held on Friday 27th & Saturday 28th June in Drayton Village Hall. Copies of the Exhibition Boards are available below:

– Manor Farm Site  (outline proposal for 57 housing units consisting of 5 x 1 bedroom; 20 x 2 bedroom; 20 x 3 bedroom; 9 x 4 bedroom; 3 x 5 bedroom)

– South of High Street Site  (Outline proposal for circa 130 housing units)

– Barrow Road Site (Outline proposal for circa 65 housing units consisting of 12 x 2 bedroom; 25 x 3 bedroom; 26 x 4 bedroom; 2 x 5 bedroom)

Traffic Calming Plan

The NDP and Planning Law

The Neighbourhood Plan has passed the Referendum with a large majority of those voting in the Referendum voting for it.

Drayton Neighbourhood Plan 2014-2031 is now included within the planning system operated by the VWHDC, and it forms part of the VWHDC Local Plan. Planning applications for Drayton need to comply with both the Drayton and VWHDC Local Plan

If you wish to receive further  information  please contact the Parish Clerk, David Perrow, by telephone on 07909 176061, or via E-mail at draytonclerk@gmail.com.

Funding for the Drayton2020 Neighbourhood Plan was provided by VWHDC (£10,000); Locality (£7,000 see http://locality.org.uk/) and Drayton Parish Council (£10,000) and the Drayton Community Trust (£3,500). 2014 11 28 Drayton Finances at 28th November 2014

Background to the Drayton 2020 Neighbourhood Plan

Following the successful launch at the Village Hall Curry night in September 2012, Drayton2020  established a Steering Group and Working Groups (each with its own webpage).

The five Working Groups  (Housing; Look & Feel; Sustainability; Transport and Work & Play)  met regularly in Autumn 2012 and Spring 2013 up to the May 12th 2013 Consultation event in Drayton Community School which gathered views and information about these topics and about what, if any, housing is needed in the village. Discussions took place with local landowners, businesses, Drayton Community School, neighbouring parishes, the VWHDC and Oxfordshire County Councils and agencies such as the police and housing associations. In July/August 2013 each household in the village received a questionnaire, the results of which were fed back in a third community consultation event on Drayton Village Hall on Friday 18th October 2013, with the exhibition continuing all day Saturday 19th October. A draft Drayton Neighbourhood Plan Consultation document was prepared for presentation to the Drayton Parish Council in January 2014, and then to Drayton residents and Statutory Bodies  in Jan/Feb 2014, and  a further revised version was consulted on publicly in June/July 2014. The final revised version of this was submitted to the VWHDC in September 2014, and a further 6 week consultation took place until end October when the Plan was submitted to an independent examiner in November/December 2014. The Examiner decided to hold a public hearing on Friday 12th December 2014. Following Examination, the Plan was submitted to a public referendum on 12th March 2015.

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