Drayton Neighbourhood Plan Consultations

The Drayton2020 Steering Group has conducted two 6 week consultations,

The 1st Consultation was from 9th January 2014 until Friday 21st February 2014. (extended to 24th March 2014), and

The 2nd Consultation from 16th June 2014 until Friday 1st August 2014.

VWHDC conducted their own 6 week public consultation from 17th September to 29th October 2014  – see: and the Drayton 2020 – Submission Copy

What Happened Then?

The VWHDC then submitted the Drayton NDP Examination copy to an Examiner, together with the comments received from their Sept/Oct 2014 public consultation. The Examiner made recommendations for changes to be made to the Plan before it was put to Referendum. – as the Referendum Copy available from the VWHDC website at: and click on the Drayton link. This was be voted on by Drayton residents in the Referendum held in March 2015:

Referendum Result – 12th March 2015

Yes – 634 votes (90.8%)

No- 64 votes (9.2%)

Spoilt Papers – 2

Turnout:   33.5%

596 people polled on the day, 104 postal & proxy votes.

Total 700 votes (2 were spoiled – 698 valid votes)

What Now?

The Drayton Neighbourhood Plan 2014-2029 is now included within the planning system operated by the VWHDC and is part of the VWHDC Local Plan. Planning applications for Drayton will need to comply with both the Drayton Neighbourhood Plan and the VWHDC Local Plan.

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