1st Consultation

The consultation on the 1st Draft Drayton Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) was held from 9th January 2014 until 21st February 2014. (extended to 24th March 2014).

The Drayton 2020 Plan Drafting Group has considered the Responses (Statutory/Organisational/Personal) to the 1st DRAFT NDP Consultation Copy, which are given below (posted here 16th Sept 2014). The Drayton NDP was updated accordingly to form the 2nd DRAFT NDP Consultation Copy (See 2nd Consultation)

Drayton 2020 Comments on Responses to the 1st DRAFT NDP Consultation are summarised here: Drayton 2020 Responses to 1st Consultation

Lengthier Responses are replied to separately below in annotated form against the original submission:

DPDS – E of Plymouth – Drayton 2020 Responses

OCC – Drayton 2020 Responses

Savills-Bloors – Drayton 2020 Responses

Daniel Scharf – DNDP – Drayton 2020 Responses

Jenny Pooley – Drayton 2020 Responses

Responses from Statutory and Other Bodies to the initial consultation (Jan-March 2014)

Bloor Homes Coal Authority
DPDS Consulting Drayton Community School
Ecological Land Co-operative – Local Food Policies English Heritage
Highways Agency Marcham Parish Council
Marine Management Organisation Natural England
Network Rail Oxfordshire County Council
Oxfordshire Playing Fields Association Scottish Southern Electric
SSE DPM_Combined SSE Drayton2020 NP_DOM
SSE Drayton2020 NP_OHL SSE Drayton2020 NP_Plan
SSE Letter to Chief Planning Officers South Oxfordshire District Council
Sport England South East Sutton Courtenay Parish Council
Swindon Borough Council Thames Valley Police
VWHDC (received 24th March 2014)


Responses from Drayton residents:

Arnold – Colin & Carol Barrow Road – 36 Signatories
Brown, Neil & Julie Castle, Jayne
Croucher – Tony & Pauline Davenport, Stuart & Slack, Elizabeth
Drury-Dryden. Rob Eastoe, Brian
Lee, Dave Long Meadow – 8 Signatories
Pooley, Derek Pooley, Jenny
Sattelle, David Scharf, Daniel DNDP Response – 1
Scharf, Daniel – 2 Annexes to CDNDP comments Scharf, Daniel – Local Food and Sustainable Development
Scharf, Daniel – Smallholdings Scharf, Daniel – Drayton DSLP response
Scharf, Daniel Note on Manor Farm planning permission Steptoe, Michael & Squires-Steptoe, Rosemary
Stirling Taylor, Teresa
Webb, Ann


Later Correspondence

Drayton 2020 SG Revision East Drayton (submission from Tony & Pauline Croucher and Others – 24th March 2014) and Drayton 2020 Reply (29th April 2014)

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