2nd Consultation

The Revised (2nd) Pre-Submission Consultation copy of the Drayton Neighbourhood Plan was open for its 6 week public consultation from 16th June 2014 until 1st August 2014. Comments received from Statutory Consultees, other organisations and individual members of the public are given below. Feedback from Drayton 2020 on these comments is also given below.

A second consultation was required because the VWHDC revised its DRAFT Local Plan and published its Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) with a large increase in the housing requirement in the VWHDC, including an allocated strategic site for up to 200 houses in Drayton.

The Revised Drayton Consultation copy has been restructured to –

a) Separate Planning from Community Policies;

b) Allocate Housing Sites in Drayton;

c) To take into account feedback from the first consultation from Drayton residents and statutory bodies (see the 1st Consultation).


The following documents comprise the 2nd DRAFT Plan :

Drayton NDP Pre-Submission Consultation Copy Revised for Publication (published 16th June 2014 with Annexes below)

Annex A – Designation of Plan Boundary (VWHDC Cabinet minutes Friday 8th February 2013)

Annex B: Record of Community Engagement

Annex C – Survey Questionnaire and Report – September 2013 and Report Appendix – September 2013

Annex D: Drayton Design Guide – June 2014

Annex E: List of Drayton Projects with Outline Costings and Funding Sources

Annex F:  Detailed Site Assessment Table

Drayton Neighbourhood Plan Sustainability Appraisal Report (published 23 June 2014)

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (28th June 2013)

Further background information can be found on the Resources and Evidence page of this website:


Publicity: The Consultation Copy was advertised using the following methods and circulated to Statutory Bodies and others by email:

Pre Submission Consultation Publicity List – Final

List of Statutory Consultees


The Drayton 2020 Plan Drafting Group has considered the Responses (Statutory/Organisational/Personal) which are given below (posted here 16th Sept 2014) and the Drayton NDP has been updated accordingly for submission to VWHDC for Examination (Sept 2014)

Drayton 2020 Comments on Responses to the 2nd DRAFT NDP Consultation are summarised here:Drayton 2020 Responses to 2nd Consultation

Lengthier Responses are replied to separately below in annotated form against the original submission:

Blue Cedar Homes – Neighbourhood Plan reps and Drayton 2020 Responses

English Heritage 2014-08-12 – Drayton NP – MS – comments on pre-submission2 – Drayton 2020 annotations

OCC Response – 30.07.14 – Drayton 2020 feedback

Savills Bloor Homes 1st August 2014 – with Drayton 2020 responses

VWHDC 2014_07_21 Vale comments – Drayton 2020 Comments

Colin & Carol Arnold 2020 comments version2 july2014 – with Drayton 2020 feedback

Tony & Pauline Croucher DRAYTON NEIGHBOURHOOD DEVELOPMENT PLA2 – with Drayton 2020 comments

Daniel Scharf 2014 06 Pre- submission comments – Drayton 2020 response

Daniel Scharf 2014 07 31 Additional Comments – feedback from Drayton 2020

Daniel Scharf 2014 06 27 Comments on Exhibition – Response from Drayton 2020

Summary of Statutory and Individual Responses to the 2nd Pre-Submission Consultation – June & July 2014 – Original Submissions

Exhibition Comments – Summarised by subject & Daniel Scharf’s Comments on Exhibition


Detailed Responses from Statutory and Other Bodies to the Revised Consultation Copy (16th June to 1st August 2014):

Blue Cedar Homes & Halls Close & Neighbourhood Plan Reps

Drayton Community School Governors

1. English Heritage (initial submission) & 2. English Heritage (revised submission)

Environment Agency Planning Letter & Environment Agency Planning Proposal

Highways Agency

Marcham Parish Council

Marine Management Organisation

Natural England

OCC Response & OCC Annex 1 & OCC Annex 2 & OCC Annex 3

Savills Bloors

SSE Drayton2020 NP_DOM &  SSE DPM_Combined  & SSE Drayton2020 NP_OHL & SSE Drayton2020 NP_Plan & SSE Letter to Chief Planning Officers

Sutton Courtenay Parish Council

Thames Water & VOWH Drayton NP Site Specific Comments

Vale of White Horse District Council


Detailed Responses from Drayton Residents to the Revised Consultation Copy (16th June to 1st August 2014):

Colin & Carol Arnold

Tony & Pauline Croucher

Rob Drury- Dryden

Clive & Kath Norkett

Daniel Scharf & Additional Comments

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