Work and Play

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Convener: Richard Williams

Members: Richard Williams;  Bette Hamilton

A.     Vision:

  • To promote and enhance work and leisure facilities in Drayton to meet the needs of all ages of resident, thus making the village a place where more residents can fulfill their requirements for living, work and play.

B.     To Achieve this by:

  • Creation of a new community meeting place/ village centre on the proposed new village green.
  • Development of further provision for pre school children and their carers.
  • Development of further play facilities for older children.
  • Encouraging the development of work opportunities in the village.
  • Building on existing provision for older residents to create further opportunities for interaction.
  • Enhancing footpaths and cycle tracks through the village and parish.

C.      Detailed Actions:

1.     Community Meeting Place/Village Centre

To replace the existing village hall with a new multi-purpose community centre, located in a more central position. This would include a hall, suitable for functions and theatrical performances, smaller meeting rooms, a dedicated children’s centre and a coffee shop/café, where people could meet.

2.     Provision for pre-school children

To build on existing provision for pre school children and their carers with a dedicated children’s centre within the new village centre. The room could be appropriately decorated, equipment stored and provide an opportunity to increase the range of services offered. E.g. a baby café.

3.     To develop further play facilities for older children

A new playground to be provided either on the proposed new village green or on the Millennium Green. Provision of a skate park. Use of the current village hall as a Sports Pavilion.

4.     Village based Work Opportunities

To encourage development of a small business park/light industry (possibly with a retail outlet) on the land next to the A34. This is too noisy for housing, but would be suitable for business/light industry. Such a development would offer village based work, reducing commuting and possibly providing part-time opportunities for people with childcare responsibilities in the village, who currently find it difficult to find work compatible with their responsibilities.

5.     Provision for older residents

To build on current opportunities for older residents with the provision of an inviting meeting place within the new proposed village centre – the coffee shop. This could include an advice session/ information etc.

A sheltered housing scheme is also proposed as part of any new housing in the village, giving older residents the opportunity to downsize and move into an environment without responsibility for upkeep of a property and garden and with some support.

6.     Enhancing footpaths and cycle tracks

A good network of all weather paths and cycle tracks through the village would encourage less use of cars and increase the ease of flow and access around the village, reducing distances from homes to key locations. All weather footpaths around the village would be safer for older residents and facilitate the use of mobility scooters.

To the west of the village there exists an opportunity to work with the local Canal Society to create a well signposted circular walking trail utilising existing footpaths, bridleways and towpath linking the village with a number of features of the parish (Drayton copse, the canal etc)

Explore the possibility of providing a cycle way from the village to Milton Park.

Previous Meetings:

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