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Sgt. Edward Mott VC, of the 1st Border Regt.

In January 1917 at the age of 23 Sgt. Mott made a rush for enemy gun despite being wounded and was awarded the Victoria Cross

Hot air balloon views (2016)

Some stunning photos of the village and the new Walnut Meadows development taken from a hot air balloon by Georgina Arnold.


The Drayton Chronicle photos

The Chronicle photos – take a look at the Chronicle archives for the full details…  The Drayton Chronicle archives

September 2016




June 2016:






April 2016:






November 2015:




Historic Drayton

How times have changed – enjoy a few images of our heritage, there are more to come so watch this space….

From left to right,


  • Map

Historical maps of Drayton from 1810 through to 1933

  • Manor Farm

A watercolour of Manor Farm in the 1950’s

The following are © Oxfordshire County Council, Oxfordshire History Centre

  • Photo 7841, 1900

High Street, Drayton, Oxfordshire. Looking east along the village High Street, towards a large stone built house standing opposite the village pond. A hay rick can be seen in the adjacent field.

  • Photo 7842, 1900

High Street, Drayton, Oxfordshire. Looking east along the village High Street, towards a large stone built house and the tower of St Peter’s Church in the distance.

  • Photo 7843, 1900

High Street, Drayton, Oxfordshire. Looking north west along the High Street, showing village houses standing opposite the pond.

  • Photo 11007, 1909

Abingdon Road, Drayton, Oxfordshire. General view of the Abingdon Road where branches at the village green.

  • Photo 13159, 1898

Lime Close, 35 Henleys Lane, Drayton, Oxfordshire. Exterior garden facade of the 17th century house with early 18th century cross wing to the left

  • Drayton Green

Unknown date sepia photo of the green showing the water pump.

  • St Peter’s Bells (Courtesy of Chris Price)

The present ring of eight bells date from 1880 when the Reverend F E Robinson added an additional treble and tenor to augment the ring to eight. The previous six bells had themselves being recast in 1871 from an earlier ring of five bells that were of sixteenth and seventeenth century origin.

  • Winters Corner

Winters Corner – the Corner of High Street and Church Lane.

  • The Wheatsheaf Pub (Courtesy of the Mott Family)

Circa 1900 view of the popular Wheatsheaf Pub.

  • The Red Lion Pub

Circa 1900 view of the Red Lion

  • The Cross Trees Drayton

The Cross at the top of the High Street with the Wheatsheaf behind

  • The Post Office

The Post Office as it was to the lefty of the Wheatsheaf

  • The Ponds

The Village Ponds

  • The Pond in Winter
  • 29 The High Street

29 The High Street used to be a bakery but was a shop known as Collets on the fifties.

October, trees

October – the leaves are falling, misty mornings, weak winter sunshine – perfect conditions for some photograhy.

Who’s who in Drayton

A few of our well known and regularly seen Villagers; from left to right: (more to come – watch this space)

Rebecca Peters, Vicar at St. Peters Church
Stuart Davenport, Vale of White Horse Conservative Councillor
Richard Webber, 10 years a Parish and District Councillor, and County Councillor since 2013
Laurence Vickery, Owner of our own ‘open all hours’ hardware shop since 1973

Drayton Parish Councillors

Drayton’s Parish Council Team.  From left to right…

Chairman, Richard Williams; Vice Chairman, Richard Wade; Patricia Ahawes, Leisure & General Purposes Chair; Graham Webb, Rights of Way and Conservation Chair; Mathew Lowey

Christine West; Colin Arnold; Colin West; Laura Billington; Tamsin Meredith (& children)

Pervin Shahin; OCC Richard Webber; VOWH Dist. Council, Stuart Davenport; Clerk, David Perrow; Deputy Clerk, Christopher Price



Grass Tracking at Webbs Farm

A few photos taken at the Annual Vintage Motorcycle Club’s Grass Track race at Webb’s Farm.