People & Portrait

Photos of the local service providers, shopkeepers etc.

Who’s who in Drayton

A few of our well known and regularly seen Villagers; from left to right: (more to come – watch this space)

Rebecca Peters, Vicar at St. Peters Church
Stuart Davenport, Vale of White Horse Conservative Councillor
Richard Webber, 10 years a Parish and District Councillor, and County Councillor since 2013
Laurence Vickery, Owner of our own ‘open all hours’ hardware shop since 1973

Drayton Parish Councillors

Drayton’s Parish Council Team.  From left to right…

Chairman, Richard Williams; Vice Chairman, Richard Wade; Patricia Ahawes, Leisure & General Purposes Chair; Graham Webb, Rights of Way and Conservation Chair; Mathew Lowey

Christine West; Colin Arnold; Colin West; Laura Billington; Tamsin Meredith (& children)

Pervin Shahin; OCC Richard Webber; VOWH Dist. Council, Stuart Davenport; Clerk, David Perrow; Deputy Clerk, Christopher Price