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  • Abingdon Marathon – Road Closures

    Sunday 22nd October

    This is a notice to inform local residents of the road closures and traffic management that will be in force on the day of the 2017 Abingdon Marathon, scheduled for Sunday, 22nd October 2017.

    The effect of the order is to prohibit vehicles:
    a) between approximately 08.30 and 09.30hrs from using the section of Dunmore Road eastwards from Wootton Road roundabout towards Tilsley Park (northern lane) and Twelve Acre Drive (northern lane between Oxford Road and Audlett Drive/Radley Road roundabouts) including closure of the roundabout junction of the Oxford Road roundabout with Dunmore Road and Twelve Acre Drive, and the section of Radley Road eastwards from Audlett Drive to Thrupp Lane, Radley;
    b) northbound only prohibited between approximately 08.30 and 13.15hrs, Milton to Drayton to road – Milton Road roundabout junction with High Street & Sutton Road northwards to the B4016 Drayton Road;
    c) Brook Street, Sutton Courtenay, the junction with Church Street & High Street will be closed from 08.30 to 13.15hrs;
    d) Drayton Road B4016 will be closed at junction of Milton Road from 08.30 to 13.15hrs;
    e) between approximately 11.00hrs and 14.00hrs from using the section of Dunmore Road from the B4017 Wootton Road eastwards to Tilsley Park. Traffic from side roads will be required to turn left only during the closures.

    For full details please view the following online document:


    Dene Stringfellow – 2017 Abingdon Marathon Course Director

  • Millennium Green – Footpath Works

    Starting Tuesday 19th September – for 10 days Footpath upgrade work on and around the Millennium Green.

    Work will begin on upgrading/refurbishing the paths on and around the Millennium Green – as part of the Drayton Neighbourhood Plan. This work is being organised by the Parish Council and is funded by the payments made by housing developers. The work will take about 10 days.

    Whilst the work is taking place access to certain paths will be restricted at certain times, but alternative routes on and off the Millennium Green will always be available.

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