Land & Assets

Drayton Parish Council owns and manages the following areas of land in the village. Prior permission or a licence is required in writing  from the Parish Council for any activities or works to take place on this parish land (apply to the Clerk at or tel 07909176061) :

Summary of Land Holdings and Common Land Land Registry and OCC Commons  Listing – May 2011
Allotments (Church Lane) Title Nbr ON154873 with Map 
Burial Ground (Church Lane) Title Nbr BK97942 with Map  Title Nbr ON40254 with Map
Drayton Green (The Green) and Stone Cross Green: ON257730 Drayton Green with Map Land East of Steventon Road with Map
ON267471 Land on East Side of Steventon Road – 2 parcels with Map THE GREEN BUS SHELTER – DRAYTON NO.CL.76-1
two additional parcels of land applied for to Land Registry, 2015 Annex A – Drayton Green – Additional Parcels to Register
Playground (Lockway) Title Nbr ON36054 with Map Title Nbr ON275976 with Map
Playground/BMX Track (Lyford Close) Title Nbr ON141585 with Map
Sutton Wick (Pond and Surrounding land) Title Nbr ON91719 Land on the West Side of Sutton Wick Lane Common Land No 77 Drayton Vale) Pond, Sutton Wick Lane
Village Hall and Surrounding Land (Lockway, OX14 4LF) DRAYTON RECREATION GROUND – DRAYTON NO.VG.42-1 Title Nbr ON275976 with Map 


Drayton Parish Council owns and manages the following assets in the village:

Street Furniture
1 Wooden Seat Burial Ground by church entrance
Dedicated to John Spencer.
Watertap cabinet Burial Ground
1 Rushton 7ft bench seat/plaque dedicated to Philip Webb Burial Ground, by bins.
9 litter bins 8) Burial Ground (2 bins
2 black compost bins Burial Ground
Lych Gate War Memorial St Peters Church
Mott VC Centenary Paving Stone St Peters Church.
 Sutton Wick Air Crash Memorial Board  Sutton Wick Green
4 metal & wood seats 1) “Lister” @ Post Box High Street
9 dog bins 1) High Street by Pumping station under Horse chestnuts.
4 metal & wood seats 2) High Street near The Green
Memorial Cross to Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Village Green
 seat dedicated to Benjamin Ash  Village Green
4 Concrete Seats 2 at each Bus Stop The Green
2 Wooden/concrete seat The Green – Dedicated to Bert de Haan.
salt bin The Green
Bus shelters Arun enclosed Millennium bus shelter – The Green
Bus shelters 3 bay Warwick bus shelter – The Green
9 dog bins 2) Bus Stop The Green manor farm side.
9 litter bins – VWHDC 1) Green VOWHDC–The Green by seat Didcot Side
9 litter bins – VWHDC 2) Black -The Green by Bus Stop Manor side.
9 litter bins – VWHDC 3) Green – VOWHDC – The Green by Shelter Abingdon Side
Lockable Notice board Inside the Millennium bus shelter
Misc Notice boards x 2 The Green
seat seat inside bus shelter
4 metal & wood seats 3) Steventon Rd Under Oaks
9 dog bins 3) Steventon Road under Oaks.
Misc Notice boards Steventon Road
9 dog bins Eastway
bus shelters Steventon Road, past bridge
9 dog bins End of bridleway near Village hall
4 metal & wood seats 4) Lockway Play Area
9 litter bins – Drayton PC owned 9) Black – Inside Lockway play area
9 dog bins 4) Hilliat Fields.
Gate Lyford close play area
9 litter bins – Drayton PC 7) Green – Post mounted – Lyford close Play Area.
salt bin Lyford Close
9 litter bins – VWHDC Green Vale Bin by crossing
Misc Notice boards shop on Abingdon Road
2 Wooden/concrete seat On Grass area entrance to Sutton Wick Lane.
9 litter bins – VWHDC Green Vale Bin
4ft ‘Traditional’ wooden seat In memory of Brian Purbrick Sutton Wick Lane by Post Box
3 water pumps Sutton Wick lane near entrance to Millennium Green/Church Lane/High Street
9 litter bins – Drayton PC 9) By pond on Millennium Green
9 dog bins 7) Sutton Wick/Millennium Green entrance.
9 dog bins 6) Lime Close/Millennium Green entrance.
9 dog bins 5) Henleys Lane Millennium Green entrance.
water pump Henleys Lane
 Play Equipment
Speed Gyro roundabout  Lockway Play Area
Mizzen mast climbing frame Lockway Play area.
4 seat swing Lockway Play area.
Square Trampoline Lockway Play area.
twister single helix Lockway Play area.
Sidney the Snake Springer Lockway Play area.
Vitality Scale of Suspension Monkey Bars Lockway Play area.
Rocking horse with damper unit Lockway Play area.
Diablo Adventure Multi-play

Picnic Table

Little Play Bench

Lockway Play area.

Lockway Play area

Lockway Play area

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