Steering Group

Drayton2020 Steering Group

This group has now completed its work and has been replaced by the Drayton2020 NDP Implementation Committee (see separate web page)

The purpose of the Steering Group was to design and manage a process that resulted in the preparation of a draft Neighbourhood Plan for Drayton in order to:

“increase the cohesion and sustainability of Drayton as a community for all its residents and businesses, and for whose working in the parish, through the empowerment of local people to plan the future housing, transport, environment and social and recreational facilities for the whole community.”

The Steering Group usually met fortnightly on Friday nights at 7pm. Steering Group meetings were public and so open to any Drayton residents.

Steering Group Members were: Andrew Bax (Chairman); Pat Athawes; Diane Dunsdon; Janet Manning; Pervin Shahin; John Scott; Tom Shebbeare (Vice Chairman); Richard Webber; Richard Williams

Clerk (Contact for further information): David Perrow   Tel: 07909176061 (mobile)     Email: or

Terms of Reference for the Drayton2020 Steering Group are here: Drayton 2020 STEERING GROUP – TORs Confirmed

Project Plan updated – Drayton NDP Plan v17 summary – amended to 10th December 2014

Latest Finance Statement 2014 11 28 Drayton Finances at 28th November 2014

Funding for the Drayton 2020 Neighbourhood Plan was provided by VWHDC (£10,000); Locality (£7,000 see and Drayton Parish Council (£7,000) and the Drayton Community Trust (£3,500)

Drayton2020 Publicity  

The village was kept up to date with what is happening with Drayton2020 through:

–          A monthly article in the Drayton Chronicle, which Richard Williams will be writing (see latest Report below and for previous reports the Chronicle Archive on the village website)

–          Regular fortnightly or more frequent email bulletins to the Drayton2020 email list

–          Posting of Steering Group Minutes and other information on the village website

–          Display of Drayton2020 information on the noticeboards in the village – on the Village Green (bus stop)/outside the Mace shop/in the Village Hall/

Steering Group Agendas and Minutes

10th April 2015 Agenda 6th March 2015, 7-9pm Meeting Postponed
13th February 2015 Agenda Minutes 30th January 2015 Meeting Postponed
9th January 2015 Agenda Minutes 28th November 2014 Agenda Minutes
31st October 2014 Agenda Minutes 3rd October 2014 Agenda Minutes
19th September 2014 Meeting Postponed 29th August 2014 Agenda Minutes
25th July 2014 Agenda Minutes 11th July 2014 Agenda Minutes
13th June 2014 Agenda Minutes 30th May 2014 Agenda Minutes
16th May 2014 Agenda Minutes 2nd May 2014 Agenda Minutes
4th April 2014 Agenda Minutes 21st March 2014 Agenda Minutes
7th March 2014 Agenda Minutes 2014 03 19 Barrow Road Residents Petition
21st February 2014 Agenda Minutes 7th February 2014 Agenda Minutes
24th January 2014 Agenda Minutes 10th January 2014 Agenda Minutes
13th December 2013 Agenda Minutes 15th November 2013 Agenda Minutes
1st November 2013 Agenda Minutes 4th October 2013 Agenda Minutes
20th September 2013 Agenda Minutes 6th September 2013 Agenda Minutes
23rd August 2013 Agenda Minutes 12th July 2013 Agenda Minutes
28th June 2013 Agenda Minutes 14th June 2013 Agenda Minutes
31st May 2013 Agenda Minutes 17th May 2013 Agenda Minutes
19th April 2013 Agenda Minutes 5th April 2013 Agenda Minutes
22nd March 2013 Agenda Minutes 8th March 2013 Agenda Minutes
22nd February 2013 Agenda Minutes 8th February 2013 Agenda Minutes
25th January 2013 Agenda Minutes 11th January 2013 Agenda Minutes
14th December 2012 Agenda Minutes 30th November 2012 Agenda Minutes
16th November 2012 Agenda Minutes 2nd November 2012 Agenda Minutes
19th October 2012 Agenda Minutes 5th October 2012 Agenda Minutes
28th September 2012 Agenda Minutes 14th September 2012 Agenda Minutes


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